Hiring and Student Enrollment

Chemists Science Laboratories™ are proud to announce that we are, effective immediately, now enrolling graduate students to study and perform research within our facilities. This is a tenure-track opportunity, allowing the prospective student to conduct their own research - be it independently or, under the tutelage of an advisor. The primary objective of the student's position will be to get a taste of contributution to the academic community. Laboratory space, coffee, and test subjects provided per research demand.

To discuss your potential enrollment as a student, available fields of study, and advisors which have the capacity to take a student, please contact a researcher on our Discord. (Link Provided)

Research Paper Example: "Seasons, Sundials, and the Stars" by Dr. Karl Sloshmud, Dr. Bunsen Burns*

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Human Resources Contact

Ms. Sophie Vela
Back-up Contact Dr. Edwin Wright