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Remembering Those Who Fought a Tyrant: the PitTown War Memorial

Author: Dr. Bunsen Burns

On the evening of [PitTown]'s war declaration upon the Chemists, we had no weapons, no armour, commanded no defensive structures, and whose declared allies, [Grayman] were unavailable.

The brave men of [Water], Not Pdizzle, Lilphilly, TheBigBubbaMan08, and Oldjukebox stood with the Chemists.(Figure 1) Many lost their lives and, despite their best efforts, the undefendable and academic Chemists Enrichment Center™ lecture hall was sieged by [PitTown]. Even after many of [Chemists] took shelter and declared the defense lost, the author shamefully included, they fought on.

Days later, the honorable [Grayman] held their pact, and declared upon PitTown. The wicked ruler's tower was demolished, their citizens freed to govern themselves. The city was born anew, under the banner [Grandval].

To ensure the Chemists will never again be victims to a warmonger, exhaustive efforts are actively being pursued towards development of a combat-optimized exosuit.(Figure 2) Due to this, Test Subject demand is expected to rapidly increase in the Testing Arena.

Figure 1. PitTown Memorial

Figure 2. Development of New, Exoskeleton-based Armour to Ensure Chemists are Prepared to Defend Science